Thursday, August 28, 2003

Hi Graham, my name's Lina. I was following the thread, and as you people are talking about mystery movies and books, I 'm going to suggest an author who is really good: Agatha Christie. I love her books! When you start reading them, it's very difficult to stop ... I think I have already read about 5 of them! It isn't very much comparing how much she has already written, but it is already a beggining! :o)
Now, I can't believe you haven't visited Brazil! You really should come, it is a great country. I know, as I am a Brazilian, I am not going to say bad things about the place, but seriously, you really should come here one day.... I would love to go to Spain, it must be wonderful, who knows one day I may go there! What are the best places to visit in Spain?
Well, that's all for now
see you soon