Sunday, September 07, 2003

Bee Online
Good morning Katherina and Lina! It is 7:30 am here on Sunday morning. I have not had my coffee yet, so I am not sure how good my English is going to be. I have to say Kathrina, that the English I have been reading on this weblog is really very impressive.

To answer some questions...I have been living in Hungary, specifically Budapest, since December 2001. I was supposed to leave the States to travel on September 22, 2001, but tragedy hit 11 days earlier. My friend and I were at my father's home in New Jersey, just 60 miles from NYC when it happened. Needless to say, all flights were cancelled and we could not leave when we planned to.

Before coming to Hungary, we traveled to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, The Netherlands, and Germany. We had been to Hungary once before, about 6 years prior to returning. We loved the charm of the buildings and the culture and at that time thought it would be a great place to live. So, we gave it a chance 6 years later.

I have not been to Brazil, though I have been to South America twice. I have been to Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile (Chile two times). We tried crossing over to Brazil when we went to Iguazu Falls, but we could not. U.S. citizens need a Visa in addition to their passport. We were hoping that we could get a temporary visa just to cross the bridge, but we were told we could not, but many travel agencies on the Argentina side.

One of these days, we would love to visit Brazil. I have always heard wonderful things about the country.

I start school on Tuesday. I will be teaching university freshmen, sophmores, masters level students, and doctoral level students. This is my second year teaching at the university here, but I did teach for 12 years in California, before leaving.

I need coffee...........

More later,