Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Hy Ryan! Gee, it must be so nice travelling around the world, you have already been in so many countries! That must be very excithing! That 's too bad, that you have never been in Brazil, you really should! You would have lot of fun, and it would be one more country in your list! hehe. And I would like to comment something about Katherina's question, I think that teachers in USA are respected, and I agree with Lou when she says that they are more friendly with students. I have never been in an American School, but I love TV and American tv shows, like Friends and etc... And I watch one called "Boston Public" which talks about this kind of subject, the relation with the teacher and the student. It's a nice show, I recommended! =O)

Hy Graham, I was reading the messages, and I read one that you said that you like Cold Play! I love it too! Their songs are the best, and the lyrics are so deeply singed... Do we say like that? Oh well..... My favourite ones are Yellow and Trouble. You know, they made recently a show here in São Paulo,! last Wesdnesday) but unfortunaly I couldn't go!! I wish I could, I love them!!!!!!!Well that's all for now! see ya!