Tuesday, August 12, 2003


I will stick to English, because my spelling is just a little
bit better in English. Of course, I don't make spelling
mistakes, really, I just do typos. :-)

Dobri Den, by the way, was not supposed to be Polish. It was
supposed to be Bosnian.

I am sitting in an internet cafe in Cambridge, England, and the
sun is shining so brightly that I have difficulty seeing the
monitor. And I am used to a German keyboard, and some of the
letters on this English keyboard are in the wrong place.

Let me stop being so mysterious.

(1) Your teacher is a colleague of mine: that is how I got on
this list.
(2) The Queen I like is the group. Queen. Queen Elizabeth 2nd. of England is OK, but
she hasn't made such great recordings as Freddy Mercury and his friends.
(3) I live in Germany, though I am English, and I am so OLD that the day
before yesterday my mother had her 90th. birthday. That is why
I am in England. I fly back on Monday.

The sun is so warm and Cambridge is looking so beautiful - when
you can see it behind tourists from all over the world - that I
must get oputside into the real world.

If you are very curious with nothing better to do you can see
what I look like by going to:

Best wishes,