Sunday, June 08, 2003

The house in the country versus the house in the city

On Friday evening I went to the country, where I own a week-end house. As a matter of fact, I consider the house over there more of my home than the flat I live in in Sao Paulo. There are many reasons for it.

First, there is more room over there. As it is more spacious inside than the prison cell over here, all my favourite furniture, my chicken collection, posters and earthenware pots and pans are there.

Second, I have two black Giant Schnauzers, Babi and Bistuco, who greet me enthusiastically every time I arrive, keep me company during walks and while I do the cooking, loyally guard the house and sleep under my window. I cannot say the same about my teenage sons in Sao Paulo :-( Just kidding! It's just that our schedule is so busy that we hardly see each other during the week.

Third, there is nature all around and I can walk barefoot in the garden, throw a blanket on the grass under a tree after lunch and doze before attacking a bunch of papers to correct. According to my students, I do not only doze but must sleep like a log, because some tests take ages to be handed in...:-)

Finally, after having to breathe the toxic fumes and getting stuck in traffic jams the whole week, the sound of the wind in the trees and the clean, fresh air provide me with the calm and oxygen I need to function the week after.

The only drawback is that I do not have an Internet connection there, so it would be very very difficult for me to stay away longer without having the latest news from my dear students...:-)